Embark on a journey between art, culture, architecture and fashion. Not only does Bentoure  take pride in personally exploring and sensing new and upcoming hotspots in trending cities. Our aim is to inspire, support and entertain our clients throughout their way. We are looking forward to interactive exchanges with our readers about current trends and hotspots of various cities. Bentoure goes through life with all senses and invites you to  join us on this journey.

  • Barcelona - die Kunst- und Hauptstadt Kataloniens
    5 July
    Barcelona - die Kunst- und Hauptstadt Kataloniens
    Diese Woche nehmen wir Sie mit in eine der spannensten Städte Europas - Barcelona.
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  • Wilkommen!
    1 July
    Wir begrüßen Sie an dieser Stelle Bentoure kennen zu lernen.
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